LIUNA welcomes executive orders on DAPL, Keystone XL

LIUNA joined North America's Building Trades Unions in welcoming today's signing of executive orders that are geared to put the permitting of the much-needed Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines back on track.

#LIUNA shares @POTUS commitment to building great #infrastructure & creating a new chapter for #energy policy #RebuildRenew.

For more information, see coverage in The Washington Examiner here, and The Williston Herald, which cites LIUNA North Dakota's official response to the DAPL decision here

Once completed, DAPL will make North Dakota safer and more prosperous by providing a more reliable means for transporting Bakken oil, and reducing the risk of a deadly rail accident,” he said. “We have always believed that the decision to halt work on DAPL was unlawful and unwise effort to turn back the regulatory clock on an already-permitted project. Today’s action restores integrity to the process and allow sour members to get back to work.