LIUNA urges Congress to improve pipeline permitting

Today, flanked by members in orange, LIUNA General President Terry O'Sullivan testified before a hearing of a U.S. House Energy subcommittee in support of a more rational and predictable process for siting pipeline and other energy projects.  O'Sullivan argued that argued that critical infrastructure projects not only create construction jobs, but also provide a foundation for a strong economy and a successful middle class.

“Unleashing the wealth of all of America’s energy resources will create economic opportunities in communities across the country, while making us less dependent on energy from hostile nations. From surface transportation and water infrastructure to domestic energy, adequate investment will create millions of jobs for workers across all segments of the economy. We can help grow our economy, rescue struggling working Americans, and leave behind real assets that will benefit taxpayers and our entire nation for generations to come,” O’Sullivan said.

Read news coverage of the hearing here or the full statement below.


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