LIUNA members welcome Dakota Access ruling

LIUNA North Dakota and and the hundreds of skilled Laborers working on Dakota Access welcomed today's Federal court ruling allowing construction to move forward on a 20-mile section of the pipeline that has been the target of frequent and increasingly aggressive protests. 

LIUNA's has been among the strongest voices supporting the project, and our response (see full release below) was featured in national coverage by the Associated Press and TN News Service, as well as on KX TV and KFYR-TV.

 Here's what LIUNA leaders said about today's victory:

“The court’s decision reaffirms what we’ve said all along,” says LIUNA Local 563 Business Agent and career pipeliner Cory Bryson who manages the union’s Bismarck office. “Dakota Access is a lawfully permitted project that will make North Dakota safer and more prosperous by replacing risky crude rail shipments with a state-of-the-art pipeline built by skilled union labor.” - Cory Bryson, Business Agent

“Despite the protests, our members are proud to be building the safest pipeline in North Dakota,” said LIUNA Local 563 Business Manager Tim Mackey, whose Local represents more than 9,000 construction workers in North Dakota and Minnesota. “They just want to know why the federal and state government haven’t done more to keep us safe from protesters who are destroying equipment, blocking roads, following our vehicles, and putting us and themselves in harm’s way.” - Tim Mackey, Business Manager

“Our top priority is preventing spills by making sure pipelines are built safe, and built right – our integrity record is second to none. We know we’re getting the job done for Dakota Access, because we have an army of inspectors looking over our shoulders every day, including Federal inspectors who have completed over 400 inspection days on the project. - Evan Whiteford, Pipeline Marketing Representative