LIUNA members speak out on Dakota Access in Build North Dakota radio campaign

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Affiliates of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) launched a Build North Dakota radio campaign today featuring the voices of skilled union Laborers who are working to build Dakota Access - a nearly 1,200 mile pipeline that will transport crude oil from the Bakken oilfields to Patoka, Illinois.  

"We've heard a lot of people offer their opinion on the Dakota Access Pipeline, but what's missing from the conversation are the perspectives of the people who are living it every day: the landowners whose land the pipeline crosses, and the workers who are building it," according to LIUNA Local 563 Business Agent and career pipeliner Cory Bryson.  

"Hundreds of our members are giving it their all to make sure this pipeline is built safe, and built the right way," said Bryson.  "We want people in North Dakota and beyond to understand what we do, and how seriously we take our work."  

Here is what some of the LIUNA members who are participating in the campaign have to say:

"It's a big responsibility building a pipeline like Dakota Access, and I want North Dakotans to know that you can count on us." - Eric  Listen

"I have completed hundreds of hours of training through my union. Now I'm using the skills I learned to make Dakota Access the safest pipeline in North Dakota." - Robert  Listen


"It is my job to help sandblast the welds prior to coating... I am just one of thousands of skilled men and women who are putting heart and soul into this project." - Deja   Listen

"I couldn't be prouder of how our crews are protecting the environment." - Brett  Listen

"The work is hard but it's worth it because I'm supporting my family and making a difference." - Tim  Listen