Dakota Access Pipeline kicks off in North Dakota, creating union jobs

On Monday, May 16, initial work began on the Dakota Access Pipeline, with 346 miles traversing through North Dakota. The bulk of the work will last up to six months.

Within the first week, more than 60 Laborers were called out to work on the line, with more than 300 Laborers anticipated to be working on the project.

“We’ve been inundated with calls from all over the country from people wanting to work on this pipeline project,” said Laborers Local 563 Business Agent, Cory Bryson. “Mainline pipeline projects like Dakota Access provide excellent working opportunities for our members and tremendous wages. The Laborers excel at this work.”

 Barring any hold up, October holds the end date for full installation, with environmental crews finishing work next spring.

(See the Michels excavation crew at work here.)

Dakota Access ND pipe yard.jpg